Rules and Regulation:

  • All standards are strictly implemented. All racers MUST sign a waiver form.
  • A minimum height of 52 inches is required for grown-up karts.
  • A minimum age of 10 is required for adult karts.
  • At the point when in the pit range, members must consent to all safety preparation guidelines and comply with all verbal and flagged charges.
  • All racers must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability. All minors must have a marked waiver and a picture ID of their parent/watchman, or they won’t be permitted to utilize the track.
  • At the point when in a kart your safety belt must be secured consistently.
  • You should keep your hands on the guiding haggle inside the kart constantly. People wearing a cast or sling won’t be allowed to drive karts.
  • Marked parental assent frames are required for youth under 18.
  • Proper footwear must be worn: No high rear areas, flip slumps or open toe shoes. No bare feet.
  • No loose articles or things of garments. All scarfs, as well as long pieces of jewelry, must be evacuated.
  • Long hair must be tied up and tucked in.
  • No individual will be permitted to partake in karting if over the legitimate liquor constrain. Breathalyzer will be given.
  • All drivers must wear a helmet and headstock. You can bring your own particular helmet however it must be DOT named and fully confronted.
  • Every single new driver will get an obligatory security instructions session.
  • Never stop on the track unless coordinated to by an Extreme Grand Prix official.
  • Kart racing represents a risk to those with back or neck wounds. It will be ideal if you consult your doctor before dashing.
  • Individuals with heart conditions should not utilize the karts.
  • Pregnant ladies should not use the karts.
  • Outrageous Grand Prix won’t endure any knocking or obstructing of karts.
  • Clothing regulation is upheld.

Go Kart Racing


  1. Green Flag: Passing won’t be allowed before the karts come to an assigned point. At this point, the green flag will be shown, and dashing will start. The race is considered official when the underlying green flag for that occasion is shown.
  2. Red/Yellow Flag: Red/Yellow Flag indicates complete restart of the race. This is just utilized if an alert is tossed before all karts finish the initial lap.
  3. Blue/Yellow Flag: This flag is to ready lap activity when the leaders are going to overtake them, keep hustling yet hold your line, and give pioneers room as to not impact of race (could conceivably be utilized).
  4. Yellow Flag “open and waved”: CAUTION. All karts must go to a parade lap speed. Inability to do as such will bring about being sent to the back of the pack.
  5. Warning: STOP AS SOON AS SAFELY POSSIBLE. The kart(s) engaged with the Red.

The flag will be permitted to restart at the back of the field.

  1. Black Flag: “Moved Up” at that point pointed at you is a notice either race executive, and additionally, hail man has seen something they don’t favor of.
  2. White Flag: ONE LAP TO THE FINISH.
  3. Checkered Flag: Race is authoritatively finished. All karts must go under this flag to be scored.